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Water or air space heating

The organization of the heating system of industrial and warehouse premises has its own characteristics due to the large volume of the premises. Centralized water and air heating systems have their own advantages and disadvantages, and knowing what each of them is, you can make the best choice.


When choosing a heating scheme, the following factors should be considered:


Height and area of the building, as well as possible heat loss through the roof, windows and doors.

The amount of heat energy required to create a given temperature.

Convenience of installation and operation under specified conditions and reliability of heating equipment.

Pros and cons of water heating

This system uses traditional radiators and the heat source is a centralized heating system or boiler room.


The advantages of this option:


The heat capacity of water is several thousand times higher than that of air, which means that water for heating a room is needed a thousand times less and, as a result, a much smaller amount of connecting communications is also required.

The water heating system allows you to vary the temperature, setting the standby heating at night and increasing the temperature during the working day.

The disadvantages include high installation costs, irrational use of space and high thermal inertia.


The best option for heating would be an air heating system for large industrial premises and warehouses.


Benefits of air heating

Air heating can be central, representing a network of air ducts through which warm air heated by a heat generator is distributed, or local, when air heaters are located directly in the heated room.


The advantages of such a system certainly outweigh its disadvantages:


Air heating is simpler and cheaper, since there is no need to install expensive boilers and pipes.

The efficiency is higher than that of water.

An additional plus is the possibility of combining heating and ventilation systems.

In some cases, this scheme is the only permitted option.

Compared to the advantages, the disadvantages do not look too critical - the need for frequent replacement of air filters and the suction of street dust when air is taken from the street.

Thus, we can say that for really large rooms, the choice of air heating will be a more rational solution. If you have any questions, our managers will give you comprehensive advice.



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