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Block-modular boiler rooms

Block-modular boiler rooms
  • Block-modular boiler rooms
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Country of manufacture:Russia

1. Significant cost savings. There is no need to lay long - distance heat pipelines, no reconstruction or construction of a special room is required, the design cost is significantly reduced;

2. Compactness, which provides significant savings in space and building volumes;

3. Assembly in the factory, allows you to perform work that requires the appropriate accuracy in the stationary conditions of the assembly shop, which is always of better quality than "on site".

4. Possibility of auto - or rail delivery. The boiler room module in the equipped state can be installed on the vehicle platform, which makes it easy to move the boiler room from one workplace to another;

5. Reducing the time of installation and commissioning. The modular boiler house does not require lengthy adjustment, and is ready for operation almost immediately after installation. The time for the boiler room to enter the operating mode is 15 - 20 minutes;

Designed for heating residential, public, and industrial buildings with a volume of 1500 - 3200 cubic meters, hot water supply.

It is a versatile unit that is easy to install, operate and maintain.

It can be used in all climatic zones. The boiler house was built on the basis of a water heating boiler KVD - 0.1MG.


Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 11.04.2021

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